pt revolutions. All in all, it could be said that globalization and the virtual media have had radical influence on the recent developments in the middle-eastern countries.
Islamic Azad University
Karaj Branch
Faculty of Law and Political Science
Academic year 91_1390
MA. Thesis
MA. International Relations
Comparative Study of network society effect on revolution in the Egypt and Tunisia
Monireh orouji
Thesis Advisor: Dr.hasan shafiee
Consulting Advisor: Dr. reza shirzadi
Referee Advisor: Dr. rahim khasto
Summer 2012
. شبکه اجتماعی توییتر که پیغام های اجتماعی 140کاراکتری را نشر می کند. 1
2 . Opposition
3 . Foetus
4 . Waterman

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